After you've created your FBA Shipments, simply scan an item to print its FBA label. The label also indicates the FBA shipment and box number where the item goes. When you are finished scanning all of your items, SellerChamp will automatically update the FBA shipments and send box-content information to Amazon. Simply print the UPS labels from SellerChamp and ship your boxes.

Follow the below steps to print FBA labels for your items:

  1. You will need install and configure a DYMO or a Zebra label printer to auto-print high-quality FBA labels via SellerChamp. Click here to setup your DYMO label printer if you have not already set it up.
  2. Click on 'Manifests' menu and add a new manifest.
  3. Start scanning items into your manifest or upload a file.
  4. When you're finished adding all of your items, click the 'Submit to Amazon' button. This will submit your items to Amazon and indicate which items are eligible for FBA.
  5. Once the submission process is complete, click 'Label & Pack' to auto-create FBA shipments for the eligible items.
  6. Scan an item on the 'Label & Pack' screen and it's FBA label will print automatically. The item's shipment and box numbers will also be indicated on the label. As you continue to scan items and a box reaches its full capacity, simply click the 'Move to New Box' link to move to a new box.
  7. After you have finished labeling all of your items, click the 'Finish Scan' button. SellerChamp will update your FBA shipments based upon the items you have labeled and take you to the next screen where you can print UPS labels.
  8. On the next screen, provide your box weight and dimensions to print UPS labels for your shipments and ship your boxes to Amazon.

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