Software is not uploading eBay order tracking info for FBA item(s)

  • Not uploading
  • Delayed
  • Missing


Every 5 minutes, SellerChamp checks for the FBA tracking numbers for orders from eBay.
As soon as it is available on Amazon, it is auto populated withing less than 10 minutes on eBay.

"So why am I still not seeing the tracking details?"

Well, usually the issue arises when the Amazon fulfillment center takes a longer time to ship-out the item.

What can you do to speed up the process or enable quick ship out time from the Amazon fulfillment center?

You can specify a faster Shipping Speed for FBA orders through SellerChamp


Specify a longer number of handling days within your eBay default account settings.
If you do not want to increase the handling days within the default eBay account settings, you can create a separate template with the increased number of handling days.

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