SellerChamp has been created to give re-sellers a very fast and easy way to list their items on multiple platforms and keeping their inventory synced.

We're re-sellers ourselves and were frustrated by how long it took to create listings and list items on multiple channels and hence created SellerChamp.

SellerChamp is the perfect solution for online re-sellers that sell liquidation pallets:

  • Quickly list items on eBay and Amazon.

Listing each item one-by-one does NOT scale for re-sellers who buy large amount varied items and need to list them quickly.

What is needed is a solution that allows you create a collection of listings and then list them on eBay/Amazon in bulk.
This is exactly what SellerChamp enables you to do. You can have 10 guys processing pallets all at the same time.

Simply scan items into manifests (which is just a fancy word for a collection) throughout a day and at the end of the day a supervisor can review the manifest, make any updates needed and then submit the items in bulk.

SellerChamp auto-pulls product data such as title, photos, description, etc. saving you lots of time.

The submission process runs in the background so you can even turn off your computer without interrupting the process.

If there is an issue (user input incorrect price, for example), you can trace it right to the manifest and to the person who scanned in the item.

  • Easily sort through items that have been listed from what requires to be listed.

Sorting through what is already listed and what isn't is time-consuming.

When you receive new pallets, it will most likely contain items that you are already selling.
Having to sort through which items are already active in your marketplaces and which aren't is time-consuming and painful.

SellerChamp removes this step entirely saving you time and money.

With SellerChamp, simply scan the item into a manifest and it'll simply increase the quantity for the item(s) that are already Active.
SellerChamp will create new listings for the items you are new.

  • Associate multiple warehouse locations with your items

In addition to listing fast, you also need a way to pick-and-pack your items fast.

While adding items to a manifest, you can specify the warehouse location(s) for where you will store the item(s) in your warehouse.

The advantage to manifests is that you can associate multiple locations with an item.

Say, for example, you listed an item in "shelf 1".
Two weeks later you get another 20 quantities for the same item, but "Shelf 1" is now full and you've moved on to putting items on "Shelf 3".
No problem. When you scan the 20 quantities and assign them to location "Shelf 3", SellerChamp will keep track of how many quantities are in each location for the item.

These locations will show up on the Order Summary form to help you speed up pick-and-pack.

You can also assign locations to your items after listing them if you wish.

  • Use the Auto-Import and the Auto-list features to automate channel imports and listings

SellerChamp has an Auto-import and Auto-list feature that runs every 24 hours.

It can be setup to automatically take your listings from one marketplace channel and import it to other channels.

You can also run this feature on-demand.
This allows you just list on one channel and let SellerChamp worry about importing them to the rest.

Besides everything mentioned above, SellerChamp comes with many additional features/benefits such as:

  • Smart templates
  • Full support for variations
  • Bundles & kits
  • Ability to download your full inventory report
  • Revision histories so you can tell who did what & when

Plus a new mobile app that's coming soon which will enable you to add custom photos to your items in just one snap.

We would strongly suggest scheduling an on-boarding session where we can screen-share and walk you thru all of the features, answer all of your questions, and ensure you have a good workflow in place that will work specifically for your business.

We can also discuss any changes or customization that you might need on the call itself.

You can schedule the call using the link below:

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