Follow any one of the two methods from your SellerChamp home screen:

  • Click the Manifest option from above (Option 1)


  • Click the View Manifests tile (Option 2)

This is how your SellerChamp Manifests page will look like [refer to image below]

Towards the left hand side of the screen, you'll find the manifest folders. Use these folders or create new folder(s) to neatly organise your marketplace manifest(s).

Lets go through each option:

  • All: This option will allow you to view all your marketplace specific manifests
  • Active: this option will contain the active marketplace manifests. By default, this is the location where you'll arrive as soon as you click the manifest option. New manifests created are also located here.
  • Drafts: This folder is created for you to save incomplete manifests or manifests that you're currently working on and do not want that manifest to get mixed up with the rest.
  • Channel Imports: Items that are copied from another marketplace and items that are imported from another marketplace are all collected into their respective manifest within this folder
  • Archived: This folder can be used if you'd like to simply store away your not so frequently used manifest. Basically, you can archive manifests for future references
  • Purchase Orders: This folder will contain the manifests (purchase orders) for items that require replenishment. This feature has to be enabled on special request. Please contact SellerChamp Support for more details.
  • + Add Folder: Add folder option, you can create a custom manifest folder for you, apart from the SellerChamp default manifest folders.

Towards the right side of the page you'll find:

  • + Add Manifest button
  • Search bar to find a manifest within a specific folder
  • Show Deleted toggle switch

The + Add Manifest button will allow you to create a new manifest for that marketplace.

Underneath that you'll find the Search bar.
You can search for a manifest within the particular folder.

NOTE: In case if you're unsure about which folder your manifests belongs to, click the All folder option from the left hand side option

Lastly, underneath the search bar, the Show Deleted manifest toggle switch will allow you to view all your deleted manifest(s) within that marketplace.

The manifest manipulation buttons towards the center will automatically appear once you've selected more than one manifest.

You can: 

  • Move the manifest(s) to a specific folder
  • Remove manifest(s)

Lastly, the manifest control buttons to the right which are directly across specific manifests.

  • Edit manifest: Edit your manifest settings
  • Delete manifest: The delete manifest button will appear or disappear on the basis of the Status of the manifest
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