SellerChamp lists your items to your online marketplace with the help of a manifest. You simply add your items to your marketplace manifest and submit.

Now what if you'd like to copy those same items to one of your other marketplace?
Very simple.

Out of the many ways within SellerChamp, in this section, we'll specifically learn on how to copy your items from the manifests.

Within your SellerChamp marketplace manifest, go into the More Actions drop down menu options and select the Copy to Another Marketplace option (refer to image below).

After clicking on the Copy to Another Marketplace option, you'll see a popup been displayed. here:

  • From the Copy to Marketplace drop down options, select your destination marketplace.
  • Check / un-check the option to Auto-list items after copying them over.
  • The option to Keep Quantities Synced after copying them will remain checked by default as you'd want the items to remain synced after they are listed across your marketplaces.

Click on the Submit button and complete the Copy to Another Marketplace process.

Scenario 1

If you don't have any items select from the manifest, you'll be displayed with the Copy to Another Marketplace popup, which will additionally ask you to Select items to copy over by status (refer to image below)

Scenario 2

The option to Select items to copy over by status will not appear if you've already selected items from the manifest.

Click here to know where would the items be copied over to within the destination marketplace.

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