Drop shipping is a form of supply chain management in which the retailer does not hold the products in stock but instead transfers the customer orders to either the supplier, another retailer or a wholesaler who then delivers the product directly to the customer.

With the features offered by SellerChamp, drop shipping can be accomplished with ease.

Here are a few things to consider using if you're a drop shipper.

  • Integrating your marketplaces for optimizing your sales, can enable you to list your items on multiple marketplaces at once. In addition to that, other aspects of the item, most importantly the quantity of the item can be synced.
  • Easy routing to 3rd party fulfillers for order fulfillment.
  • Multiple user access can be granted into SellerChamp, so that not only you, but users from other locations can login to the SellerChamp account and complete the order / manifest and confirm shipment.
  • Bulk uploads using a .csv file helps you add items to your marketplace manifest quickly.
  • Automatic item search using the ASIN / UPC can reduce your time drastically. In addition to that, submitting the manifest works in the background, That way, you can continue to do what you're doing while we complete submitting the manifest to your marketplace.
  • FTP Custom feeds can be setup so that your supplier / vendor / wholesaler can update the quantity and other details of the item constantly and directly. Our FTP feeds can be setup to run every 20 minutes depending on your business needs.
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