Items at an Amazon FC gets stranded for many reasons. One of the most common reason would be because the item does not have an active offer.

Your Amazon Stranded inventory report will show you a breakdown of units within your inventory at Amazon FC that have a stranded status
[Reason will be mentioned under the Stranded Reason column of the report].

Stranded items leads to unnecessary storage fees.

SellerChamp has a quick fix for the same. Following this method, you'll avoid creating a removal order at Amazon for re-listing the Amazon stranded items.

Before we begin, it is necessary and it is assumed that you are completely aware of all the SKUs that are in stranded status
[whether by referring to the Stranded inventory report or contacting Amazon].

Step 1: Create a new Amazon shipment SellerChamp manifest using the below mentioned settings:

  • For Fulfillment Channel: Select I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell (FBA)
  • FBA Shipments Workflow: Select No, I will create FBA shipments after I've scanned all my items

Step 2: Add items to the manifest. You can add by either using:

  • Individual item SKUs [not the ASIN]
  • Bulk upload stranded items by downloading our .csv template and add all the SKUs that are required to be re-listed

Step 3: The quantity of the items does not matter, as you're not sending in new items, you're simply using this manifest to re-list items that have been stranded at the Amazon FBA center.

Step 4: Submit the manifest to Amazon

You've successfully re-listed and re-activated your Amazon FBA stranded items.

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