After clicking the + Add New Integration button, you'll find the configuration page to setup your integrations between the marketplace from where the item will origin to the destination marketplace where they will be listed.

Import From: Select the marketplace from where you'd like your items to automatically export from.

Import To: Select the destination marketplace where you'd like the items to be imported into.

NOTE: Only items that are not within your Import To marketplace will be brought in from your Imported From marketplace.

This means that the status of the item (whether Active, Inactive or Not Listed) will not matter. As long as the item is within the Imported From marketplace, they will not be imported twice.

Ship From: You can use this option to assign the ship from address for your seller / merchant fulfilled items, that will be submitted to your destination marketplace (Import To marketplace).

You can select a ship from address here or leave it blank (as your SellerChamp marketplace default account settings page has an address which is selected.

If you have a new address that you'd like to enter, please click on the add hyperlink.

Click here in order to to learn more about managing your Ship From addresses in SellerChamp.

Start Price: For the items that are imported, you can select a $ / % value - higher / lower than the Start Price for the listings within the marketplace where the items originated from.

Fields to Sync: By default, the option to sync the Quantity Available is selected. For items that are listed across the marketplaces, it is important to have the quantity available synced so that they are adjusted when sold across any one of the marketplace.

Similar to the Quantity Available option, you can also choose whether or not you'd like the other options to remain synced or not.

NOTE: If you've set the Start Price $ / % (in the previous option) and if you have selected to sync the Retail Price, then every time you modify the Start Price for the item within, marketplace the item originated from, the destination marketplace will get modified automatically.

Quantity Filter: Using this option, only items greater than or equal to the specified quantity will be imported. Items with quantity less than the value mentioned here will not be imported.

Auto-import inventory: Select this option if you'd like SellerChamp to automatically import items, over the night (every 24 hours).

You can choose to automatically import either one of the following below:

  • All Inventory
  • Active Inventory
  • Inactive Inventory

Auto-list after Import: Choose this option if you'd like the imported items to be submitted automatically on the destination marketplace.

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