SellerChamp easily allows you to copy items from your source marketplace inventory to the target marketplace manifest.

Some users prefer to use the inventory page as they're able to see which item is linked to which marketplaces etc.

Lets now see what are all your methods to copy items from your Source marketplace to your Target marketplace.

Method 1: Using the Copy to Another Manifest option

Manually select your items, select by page or select all pages, once you've selected all the SKUs that you'd like to copy to your target marketplace, within the inventory page itself, click the More Actions button and from the drop down, choose option Copy to Another Manifest.

From the pop-up displayed select the correct options and click the Submit button to confirm copying items to your target manifest. The items from the source marketplace inventory will be collected within a manifest inside your Target marketplace Channel Import folder.

Method 2: Downloading the Inventory report

SellerChamp marketplace inventory page also allows you the option to:

  • Download Lite Report
  • Download Full Report

Either one you choose to download, take the report and remove the columns that you don't want. Take the .csv file, go to your target marketplace manifest and upload the file.

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