SellerChamp allows you to keep a record of the suppliers that you frequently make purchases from.

Having a record of suppliers along with your sales record has help you evaluate your business turnover and efficiency.

Below are the set of instructions that'll allow you to Add / Edit and Remove your frequently dealt with suppliers.

Step 1: From your SellerChamp home page go into your SellerChamp account settings

Step 2: From the options on the left hand side menu, select the Suppliers option. This will now bring you to the Supplier management screen.

You can easily find all the suppliers that have been added to your account.

You can manage existing suppliers using the Action buttons, which are the Edit supplier button (icon with a pen) and Delete supplier button

You can add more suppliers by clicking the + Add Supplier button

Edit supplier screen:

Add supplier screen:

Add a supplier to the manifest

Add supplier(s) to an individual item

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